Friday, May 1, 2009

today like everyday

I was showing my sister the website for a book I am in, when she found a video and song

About me on youtube… Robin Attwood. After listening a while I recognized who this person was. She was a tourist girl I met in New Orleans visiting from L.A. I hadn’t really thought of her since. Being a street performer you meet lotsa folk who come and go and sometimes come back but usually just disappear and you never see them again. Any how the song was unfinished. The first few lyrics were “smoke cigarette/crooked smile/lend me your smile…Robin Attwood”. It was so unexpected! I didn’t think her or any of her friends took to me that day after miming on Royal st. My face was painted an oily white; I had just bought a beer with what little money I’d made and decided to drink it with Troll on the Mississippi River front. It was Troll who had been sitting and talking with this girl and the rest of her friends from L.A. Wow! What a trip. She gave me her glasses with no lenses in them; said they went well with my mime outfit. She never came to the show that

Night, I wonder why. I imagined, so enamored by me in mime face, that she would’ve come to see me perform.

Eh, you meet people you forget people you long otherwise.


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